Want to see measurable results from your marketing communications solutions?

Here at Phoenix MarCom we are passionate about using integrated sales and marketing to achieve real results for science and industry. We work in true partnership with our clients to convert their innovative products and services into sales.

With nearly 20 years worth of experience within the science and industry sectors, we are uniquely positioned to help our partners with their marketing communications. Our expertise lies in product communication, delivering global brand building programmes, lead generation and nurture and corporate communications. By delivering programmes that go beyond the simple press release, we have a track record of delivering highly successful solutions that both drive business growth and increase sales.

So what makes us different?

Our unique approach means we delve deep into your business to gain insights into your customers, brand and platform. This means we can design the most impactful strategy and deliver the most effective solutions including content marketing, digital communications, lead generation and nurture to help you achieve your goals.

We have the tools, knowledge and experience to put you ahead of the competition. Just get in touch!


Typical Client Challenges



Brand building

Making your target audience are aware of who you are so that when your sales team contact them, they are not starting the conversation ‘cold’. This is why brand building is so important.

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Sales and marketing strategy

Implementing a sales and marketing strategy for your business.

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Name generation and qualification

Generating measurable leads for your business.

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Lead nurture

Interacting with your potential customers to convert them into a hot prospect.

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Stakeholder engagement

Engaging with your stakeholders more effectively.

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Going global

Promoting your brand on a global scale.

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Attracting investment

Attracting investment and preparing for an exit.

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Media relations

Getting your brand in front of the media.

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